A little bit about me…

Andy Coulter

Hi there, I’m Andy… I’m a Northern Ireland wedding photographer based in Antrim. I live with my wife Karen, daughters Emily and Poppy and then there’s Indi the Boston terrier.

I started taking photography seriously shooting sports, and then I got hooked on Landscape photography, and I have travelled all over Europe, visiting epic locations and chasing the northern lights.

Like a lot of wedding photographers, I started my career in wedding photography shooting a friends wedding, and I must admit I was shitting myself! But to my surprise, I absolutely loved it. Wedding photography requires careful planning, communication, research, problem solving, quick thinking and a little bit of luck (but you make your own luck) therefore it is very challenging, and after the event and all of the images are edited, reviewed, reviewed again and again then delivered it is very satisfying to get the positive feedback from the couple.

My style is relaxed and natural, I won’t be asking you to strike poses or say cheese! I like to blend into the background and capture all of those laughs, smiles and tears! I will capture those intimate, funny, emotional, Drunk 😉 moments that you will likely forget about in a few weeks time. I will capture you guys being you…

If you feel we are a good match, don’t hesitate to get in touch with anything that might cross your mind. You can get in touch through the website, Facebook, Insta or the old fashioned way by giving me a ring on 07821415859.

I hope to hear from you soon…